Question about VST x64 on Mac

I wonder what happens if Nuendo goes 64bit on Mac - are there any 64bit “VST”-Plugins for Mac? I use Vienna Ensemble Pro with 64bit AU Plugins, but I never heard of VSTs being 64bit on Mac. Does anyone have an answer to this?

Thanks, Andreas

Maybe it’s too easy? … So, if I use, say “Omnisphere” in 64bit AU does that mean that the VST-Plugin is also 64bit and I will be able to use it in the upcoming 64bit Version of Nuendo?

Hi Andreas,

there are not many plug-in manufacturers already providing 64bit versions of their
plug-ins. We’re constantly encouraging them to develop 64bit versions, but we cannot
force them to do so.

Here’s an option I’d recommend you to have a look at:

All FabFilter plug-ins are 64bit both on Mac and PC platform.


Thanks Timo,

but my questions remains unanswered…I am a little confused because EW announced PLAY 3 to a 64bit AU Plugin for Mac, but what about the VST Version? I understand that Nuendo doesn’t use AU Plugins, right?

I think that’s a question for EW isn’t it?

However, if you are interested in using a lot of memory for virtual instruments, I would suggest getting Vienna Ensemble Pro, because then you can use either the 32bit or 64bit version of Nuendo and not have to worry about VST versions of plugs such as EW’s abinibation…! You can also keep the instruments in memory when you switch projects, which is a real time saver.


Guys, you don’t get me…If there is a 64bit AU Version of any given Plugin - does it mean that the VST equivalent is 64bit too and you can use it in N5x64 once it’s out? What do the 64bit Cubase guys load into their instrument racks, 32 or 64 VSTs?

I already have VE Pro on the Mac and a PC Slave, so it’s just out of curiosity - to really use 64bit on the Mac, well I don’t see it yet…

The 64bit VST version of a plug will only exist if it’s been programmed. You have to talk to the plug developer. I can think of at least two examples of AU 64bit plugs where the VST OSX version was still only 32bit. If you want to know about PLAY then contact EW. I don’t see how I can answer your question any clearer. :confused:


Hi DG,

I only used PLAY as an example - thanks for your answer. :wink:
That’s what I thought…