Question about where to install CUbase, sound libraries etc


I have just bought Cubase 8 and I have an SSD drive divided into two partitions in my computer (c: and D:). In order to optimise performance and minimise latency issues I have a question regarding where to install/record the different program/sounds libraries/projects:

  1. Should I Always install Cubase 8 on the C drive or is it OK to install it on the D drive if I have no spece left on the C drive?
  2. Is it OK to Install Halion SOnic on the D drive then?
  3. Which drive should I record the Projects onto (c: or D: or maybe even a third USB drive)

Kind regards

I had Cubase installed on a “d-Drive” and it worked perfectly. (Of course it has to be INSTALLED this way).

Concerning the Project files: I currently have 3 drives: one with cubase (the System drive). One with soundbanks (including the samples/sounds for Komplete, etc.) and another one for the Projects. I cannot really say whether this would be necessary for Performance (it probably is helpful), but it is a great Thing for backup purposes.

BR, Ernst