Question about Windows and Displays

Hello. Please help. Right now I have Windows 10 and 4k 27 Display. And as many know Cubase have so many issues and graphic bugs in, I am plan to buy two 24 displays. And maybe 2k. Because full HD is really old school and I want a good picture… But I need your thoughts. So, what’s your experience with Windows and displays?

I’m fine but I don’t do any scaling. I have a 32” screen and personally don’t see the point in getting small 4K screens so you then have to use scaling. I want maximum on screen.

So you are in 150 Windows size and enable HDPI in Cubase?

I’m on 100% I don’t use anything else. It’s the only setting that gives you full 4k and does t engage hdpi

So do you have turn on option in Cubase “Enable HDPi”? I am thinking about 32 too now. Because 32 2k looks strange for me after 27 4k…

I have a 1440p on a 36" ultrawide (UltraWQHD) set to 125% scaling in windows with HiDPI on and set to -25% in Cubase and it works well for me. But my eyesight is pretty good and prefer to have screen estate hence the -25% adjustment.

I adopted this style of arrangement via the workspaces options after seeing it on another forum:-

I’ve got 3 main workspaces that I use, but love having the main timeline and mixer and channel strips always in display.

However, the biggest issue is that I’m paired with a smaller 24" @ 1080P with no scaling and it’s a bit of a pain with the two modes running at once. What I will say is try to run a dual monitor setup with equal resolutions/scaling if you can.

If i were buying new I’d just go for a larger ultrawide and no second monitor. I adore being able to go full width on the timeline if needed. 27" @ 4k sounds like you need to ramp the scaling up, not so sure I’d be a fan of that, due to the inconsistencies of apps/plugins.

Yes, it’s the reason why I am thinking to buy the new ine. But really don’t know which. 32 with 4k? I love the picture of 4k and after 4k 32 Uktra HD (2569x1140) looks so strange… But I was sold my 27 4k. It was nice vut as you told the problems in Cubase and some plugins… Don’t know what I need to buy now…

Thinking to buy two 24 full hd displays… Thoughts?

It really depends how you use. I went from two 24” HD to one 32” 4k. I use it at full resolution and don’t use scaling at all so it’s always 100% and I don’t see problems with plugins.

Thanks for the reply…so, did you like 32 4k more than 24? I was sold my 4k 27 because with the scaling it was bad. And so mnay problems in Cubase as well…did you enable HDPI in Cubase btw?

And does objects looks good and not small at 100%? Seems that for 32 4k the Windows resolution is 125%. No?

I set it to 100% I don’t use 125%. I don’t see the point in getting a 4k screen then reducing what you can get on the screen. I am happy with the small objects. If 32” is too small then get 40”. You may be happier using two HD screens as using 125% you are losing quite a bit of screen anyway and it causes problems with some plugins size

Thanks for the reply. Ok, seems that I have two options. It is 27 Display (2560 x 1440) or two 24 full hd displays