Question about Workspaces

Dear all,
Being an experienced Cubase 6.0.5 user, as well as being equally experienced in Logic, PTools and Digital Performer - I feel like the unfortunate thing for me is that I constantly find things that I wish were in this DAW that are in others, blah blah.

I probably should say that I am more of a sequencing kind of guy than a record producer …i.e. I use Cubase’s Midi sequencing capabilities alot more than using it to mix live audio.

So my question is specifically about Workspaces.

I know how to lock workspaces, save different ones, and add them to the ‘global’ template.

Much like in Logic, I built myself a Midi editing workspace, with the main window on the right screen, and on the left screen, I have the Movie, Key Editor and List Editor. It stays locked pretty well until i start deleting Midi regions.

When I delete a Midi region, both the Key and List Editor disappear along with it. It does make sense from a standpoint of ‘Oh I opened the Key and List Editor to edit this specific region, and by deleting it I’m done with the region and am as well done with the Editors’…

But this doesn’t make sense if the workspace is supposed to be locked. My workaround is to, sigh, open the same workspace over again… which is annoying because it doesn’t leave me at the same spot where I was editing, but instead puts me at wherever I had saved the workspace at.

Would anyone know of any workaround to this? I’ve barely seen anyone post about this specifically.
I like Logic’s screensets for that reason - you save a screenset and even if you delete a midi region, the screensets still stay exactly as they were.