Question about zooming

Hi! I have read in the manual that: “The zoom level in the music area is changed. If you had anything selected, Dorico Pro uses your selection as the focal point of the zoom. If you had nothing selected, Dorico Pro focuses on the area previously in the center of the view.”·
But this does not happen to me and it is very annoying. Does anybody know how to solve this?


I can’t reproduce that problem, I’m afraid, Xavier. If I select a note and zoom in or out, either with a pinch gesture on the trackpad or by typing Z and X, it correctly zooms in around the selection. What exactly are you doing?

I have created a new document with dorico 3.5, entered some notes and after clicking one of the notes I press ctrl and I move the wheel (Windows 10). If I zoom in/out with the “z” or “x” shortcuts or clicking “+”/"-" at the right-botom bar, I get the same result: no focus on selected item…
(this didn’t happen with previous version)

I’m afraid I’m unable to reproduce this on either Windows or Mac.

Dear Daniel, I have created a new empty project from a classical orchestra template. Without entering any note, zoom works properly (I select a rest and it centers the zoom at the rest). But if I enter just a note it stops working. Even if I undo the note creation, it doesn’t work as expected… very strange. I enclose my project, just in case it depends on some settings. Could you please check it? Thank you in advanced!
Untitled Project (2).zip (393 KB)

I find that zooming in with either the z key or trackpad does not centre the selection, but zooming out does (as I zoom out further the selection moves centre-screen)

I just tried this using a Logitech K400 keyboard. The CTR+Z zooms in and out of a selected note with it remaining in the middle, and so does pinching the trackpad.

To the limited extent I can see what’s going on in that extraordinarily low-resolution and small GIF, I can’t reproduce any problem, Xavier. Perhaps you could make an actual video recording so I have some hope of seeing exactly what you’re doing, rather than giving me a 256 colour postage stamp to look at? Thanks!

Sorry Daniel, I thought that it was better to attach the project and explain what I was doing. The capture was just a complement. In any case, I have recorded a full resolution video:
(by the way, the forum has a 700 horizontal pixel limit… I don’t know how to make a better resolution anitmated gif to upload here, any ideas?)

Thanks. Now I can see what’s happening. Dorico is zooming into the position previously occupied by the caret. If you clear the selection and then re-select the note, you’ll find Dorico zooms in to the right position. We’ll see about improving this in future.

Thank you Daniel. I have tried to clear the selection and reselect the note, and it still not zooms properly. I have discovered that if I double click where I want to zoom (making the caret to appear), then it zooms correctly, as it is shown in the following video:
For the moment, it will be enough to facilitate navigating. Thank you for the clue!

Is there a solution already for the zooming in on selection. I kinda use that a lot! (with contemporary music I have a lot of very detailed stuff that I need to view properly)

Have you checked p 17 of the Dorico 3.5.10 Release Notes published today?

If you don’t have it to hand:-

User interface - Zooming in or out after leaving note input now correctly zooms in to the selection, and not to the
position where the caret was previously visible.

(still reading through it all myself right now - lots achieved here.!)

Solved indeed!! Great job by the Dorico team!

Yes! Now it works correctly!! Thank you very much!