QUESTION: Anyone else? Cubase won't close after Windows sleep

Since Cubase 9ish… there has been this back and forth issue. When I close Cubase, it never closes. I have to use TaskMgr to End Process. And the only real downside of that is that none of the settings like Recent Projects are saved until shutdown (Grrrr.)

But nevertheless, it seems to get fixed in an update. Then it returns in the next. Back and forth over the past 2-3 years.

ACTUALLY, it -does- close properly while I’m using it… at least until the CPU goes to sleep. But when I go away for an hour or so and come back? That’s when it gets stuck.

Anyone else? Any suggestions?

How can I report this in a way that might help the developers?



Do you have hibernation on? If yes, could you try to put the comp in sleep mode without hibernation?

The windows sleep modes are really awful imho, I have my system set to min 5% processor and no sleep ever. There are probaly downsides to this but processor sleep has never really worked on any of my computers.

Interesting. I actually have mine set to the Steinberg power plan and I -thought- that prevented the CPU from shutting down -ever-. But it seems as though as soon as the disks spin down (60 minutes for me) that’s when trouble begins.