Question: Chord Pads/assistant missing chords?

Hi Guys,

I have a question and first of all I cannot read any notes and I do all chord progressions out of my head, but I decided to give the chord pads in cubase 8 a try to see what it comes up with.

I played part of the chords of a track I finished and while it sounds right on my ears, Cubase 8 is giving me a lot of other options for the next chord, but my chord is not even listed in the whole list of chords.

Attached I have an image with what i mean.

Bbmin is listed, but Ab/C is not, the third chord Db is listed again.

Why exactly is Ab/C not listed?

I have also some other chord progressions and I’m having the same thing. Is it that I’m doing something not standard? Am I perhaps missing some settings in cubase?

It means Aflat major over C.

This I understand, but why cubase does not come up with this progression?

You clearly don’t understand, it’s not a chord - it’s a chord over a bass note, it will suggest A_b_ - which is the chord, the /C bit just means there’s a C bass note being played under the A_b_.