Question concerning space size

Hello there and hope all is well.
I was trying to change the staves space size ( in a two pianos piece ) but for some reason it seems that only the 1st system has been changed, the rest keeps a default space size.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks very much in advance for your answer.
Regards - Rami.

Hi Rami, where are you changing the space size – if you want to change this throughout a layout, do so in Layout Options.

Changing the size from a system/frame break affects that position onwards, so if you had already set the space size for a system break on the next system, the size set for the first break would only apply until the next one.

You can also change the size of individual staves, but this is more for situations like showing the soloist’s line on a smaller staff above the piano part.

Hi Lillie and thanks for your fast reply -
I was changing the space size from the layout options in setup .

Make sure that View > Signposts > System Breaks is ticked (and that they’re not all set to be hidden by the toggle at the top of that menu).

Does the second system have a system break at the start? If you select said system break in Engrave mode, does it have its Space Size property turned on? If so, try turning it off.

Hi - Thanks.
Yes you are correct and the 2nd stave has a system break on it.
I have deleted all sys. breaks form the work so far.
Looks horrible but I’ll manage - thanks very much for the help.

You needn’t necessarily do that - it’s just that if the Space Size property is ticked on a System Break, it overrides whatever space size is set in Layout Options. You can unset that property from the properties panel in the lower zone without actually deleting the Break.

Thank you . ( my head into the wall )…