[question] Control Room volume control via MIDI?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if it is possible to control the Control Room volume knob with a MIDI controller?
When I look under ‘Devices - Device Setup - Remote Devices’, I can choose the category ‘Control Room’ under User Commands, but the Command ‘Volume’ or ‘Level’ is not present.
I would like to purchase a MIDI knob controller like the Griffin Powermate USB controller, to control the volume instead of using the mouse. However, I’m a bit disappointed this option is not there.
Any help is appreciated.

Create a generic remote - Assign VST Control Room/Control Room/Volume.

NB: you’ll perhaps need another software to convert the powermate input to a midi message as it isn’t a midi device (I don’t think)

Ah, I see. The solution is the generic remote. Thanks! Much appreciated :slight_smile: