[Question] - Copy and paste links dynamics?

I began inputting a score this evening, and was shocked to see that if I copied and pasted a part (say flute 1 to flute 2) if I added dynamics later to Flute 1, the copied part also received the dynamics. While this is very useful 90% of the time, is there a way to not do that? Or a key command to temporarily disable that feature?


Couldn’t reproduce exactly that, but what seems consistent is that if I copy flute 1 to flute 2 and then try to adjust existing dynamics in either part in Engrave mode, the other part receives the same adjustments … :astonished:

Just out of curiosity, if you change a pitch in the second part, does the first flute mirror that too?

I get the same issue in write mode when I add dynamics to part 2, it adds it to part 1.

I found the issue out copying and pasting note from Piccolo to Flute 1, and for some reason Flute 1 has a different set of dynamics, as I was adding dynamics to Flute 1, it would add them to the Piccolo, as well.

I have not tested to see if it happens with changing notes, but my thought is no. The clarinet 1 part that I copied to clarinet 2, had a wrong note that I entered incorrectly. I had to adjust both parts.