Question: Copy tracks to new project


Is it possible to copy a track to anther project and keep all the data (Midi, VSTi, plugins, etc) and if so how is it done?

I noticed I can use Control C and Control V and the Midi-part is copied to my new project, but I can find no way to control where it is pasted. Now, Cubase (or I) place it on an existing track. When I drag the copied part to an empty space in the new project the settings of the track I pasted it to in the first place are duplicated, instead of the data of the other project.

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Have you tried track presets?

No, I haven´t, thanks for that.

What I found out in the meantime though, is that when I copy multiple tracks the way I described earlier, it works, except for the first track (this still gets pasted on an existing track). But all the other tracks are copied to the new project with plugins, mixer settings, everything!

Only when I try to copy just one track (and the first track, when I copy more than one track), that doesn´t work.

So what´s the trick here (other than track presets)?

Just a suggestion; crete a new track first, select it, and maybe it will paste there?

I never use Control C or Control V. I just drag the events/tracks I need from the first project to the empty spot underneath the tracks on my second project and it works perfectly. No duplicates.

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Stealth, you´re absolutely right (not that you needed me to tell you that); it works perfectly.

Never thought it to be that simple: the old drag ´n drop trick :laughing: