QUESTION/Feature Request? (Working while processing)

Will it ever be possible to start something new while processing is going on?

Eg. I would love to be able start and Render, then open another Montage and work on that while the other Render is processing.

This is my single biggest gripe with the entire SB world… the fact that once you start the ‘render’ process, it’s time for coffee. My whole life for 20 years with SB products has been structured around coffee breaks. :smiley:

Have you considered getting another computer?

Apart from certain render procedures, this is already possible. Actually, this has always been possible. Try it…

OK, point taken. I’ll be specific. It would pretty awesome if one could -Render- whilst working on another Montage.

It’s the same issue in Cubase. No matter how much horsepower you have, Export Audio stops you in yer tracks.

I can dream, right? :slight_smile:

Same answer from me: you can. Try it…

Does not work.

  1. Open Montage A
  2. Open 2nd Montage B
  3. Select a CD track from Montage A and click ‘Render’ to create MP3.

…as soon as the progress bar starts no other work can proceed until the job is complete. Not possible to switch to Montage B.

Am I doing something wrong?

You are right in this case (CD track rendering). But If you render the whole montage instead, then I am right.
I hope to make all rendering in the background, in a future version.

That’s why you make the big money. :smiley:

That would literally save me hours every year. A total GAME CHANGER for me.


Is’t possible to open a second in the meantime
and work around this problem ?

regards S-EH

It is possible, by adding the secret key:
canMulti= true
inside startup.ini
But this is not officially supported, not tested enough.

Thank you :slight_smile:

regards S-EH