Question/Feature Request

Hi, I’m currently working on a piece which uses proportional/unmetered notation (I’ve linked a few examples for clarity). I’d love to be able to engrave the score in dorico (as opposed to handwriting it, which I might have to do), but the only way that I have been able to find to achieve this has been to use the custom lines for the duration indications and the horizontal note spacing in engrave mode, both of which are very time consuming.

Is there a more efficient way to achieve this style of notation in Dorico, or has this yet to be added? I’d love for this to be a feature, even if it was just a few engraving options that allowed for this to be input more efficiently.

“Rain Spell” (Takemitsu) Toru Takemitsu - Rain Spell - YouTube
“Other Voices” (Druckman) Druckman - Other Voices for Brass Quintet (1976) [w/ score] - YouTube (Druckman uses beams to indicate note duration, and although I’m not interested in doing that I do know it’s achievable in engrave mode by just extending a stemlet)

I’m afraid there are no specific features to support proportional notation in Dorico as yet. You will presumably have discovered that you can set the noe spacing ratio to 2.0, which will make all the ideal spacing values exactly proportional, but you will have to manage pretty much everything else yourself at the moment.

Yeah I figured as much, but thought I’d ask just in case. Thanks for your help!