Question for Dorico developers

Hi guys, I’m using my trial version, I’m really liking what I see even if it has no tabs, being a guitar player, you know… :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a very simple software in the last 15years, it’s called Tabledit and I published 9 instructional fingerstyle guitar books (10 in a while) with it, nothing complex as Dorico or the other competitors, but “soooooo” easy to use, and to write with.

For example: I saw that everyone was so happy with the new writing features, you click and write. Okay, but that’s what I ve been doing for many years now, I can just select, copy and paste everything in another place, or move a single note, or delete one without messing up the whole score.
Maybe I’m not good at Dorico now but it looks like a lot of very simple and useful things are simply not there, is there a reason?
Am I wrong and they are there and I just don’t know?

Sorry if I bothered, keep up the good work!

(being a Cubase Pro user I really think I’ll finally purchase this one, hoping they dialogate always better)

Dorico can select, copy and paste. You select with the mouse, you copy either with keyboard shortcuts or by Alt-clicking. You can move single notes left and right using Alt+arrow keys.

Basically I think you need to watch the instructional videos or read the manual - all the stuff you’re asking for has existed since day one.

wow great! thank you. :slight_smile: