question for Dorico team

hello all,

does Dorico have a basic outline when updates might be done? and what are there priorities? (i.e. instrument mapping with correct articulations, percussion mapping…) I am asking because some of the tools are not available and need to know as I have goals that need to be completed…( I am sure we all know that feeling!) :smiley:
thank you all for putting your heart in soul into the software!

good day,

Your best bet is to use your current (former?) notation product for production work where Dorico does not currently support capabilities you deem essential. Hoping for Dorico to provide an anticipated feature in time to meet your deadline is not only very risky; it simple adds undue stress to your work.

The Dorico team is not going to falsely raise expectations or put pressure on themselves to release a feature before it is ready by working to a pre-announced, rigid schedule. Daniel has made that clear, and it make eminent sense. So your best bet (our best bet) is to use Dorico for what it does well now and to keep abreast of its progress to see when it is appropriate for each of us, given our needs, to switch over from learning the program to using it for production work.

ok, thank you. It always make sense to communicate and articulate to the customers. I guess shame on me as I didn’t know Daniel made it clear that certain instrument mapping and percussion notation is not finished and a timeline is not present for certain goals…good things come in time. :smiley:

I’ve set aside time in October (2017) to learn Dorico backwards, with the expectation that I’ll start working in it properly after that. I think by then it is likely to have everything I need, at least with easy workarounds.