Question from an old guy

Has anyone been able to find a brush kit in GA SE 5?
If so please hip me as to where.
Thanks :cry:

Hi comsax1,

I have 3 brush kit presets in GA 5 SE which are in the Groove Agent One module and they are Brush Kit CD/Brush Kit/Brush Kit +GM

However I notice you have Halion 6 (like me) and that comes with 3 much better sounding brush kits. Check out SR Brushez Kit/Standard Jazz Brush Kit/Vintage Brush Kit.

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah

Got it, Thanks

Spoke too soon, I have spent around 3 hours trying to load a brush kit in GA SE5, someone please tell me to access the GS One kits in that convoluted kit loader. I even tried to do anything with the Library Manager to no avail. On my journey tonight I saw the brush kits a couple of times, but then lost them. Please help!