Question: Gallery View/Lyrics overlapping/staves distance?

Is there a way in the “Write mode” of the gallery view to increase the distance between instruments staves in order to be able to enter lyrics without overlapping with the next stave? As soon as the text has been entered and I switch to pageview, it is displayed correctly in pageview; but the unsightly representation of lyrics in the gallery view remains.
In my opinion there was already times ago a topic with this, but I can’t find it any more.

Find attached an example with the same content of Brahms “Schwesterlein” in both views showing the problem.
Thanks for your support!
Dorico_Page View_Lyrics.jpg
Dorico_Gallery View_Lyrics.jpg

Setup menu, Layout Options, “Vertical Spacing” panel.

“In galley view, expand ideal staff gaps to …%”.

That’s it! Thanks a lot, Rob!

I did’nt found it in the German translation of the menu - some words are not good translated, but I believe in Dorico … it’s an amazing good software in V 1.0 … Dorico’s translation will improve in the same great way as all missing functions like endings, chords etc.