Question: How to make other MIDI controllers (Modulation) visible on a midi track instead of Velocity?

Noob Question: How to make other MIDI controllers like (Modulation) visible on a midi track (in the project view) instead of Velocity?


Select your midi track, and hover your mouse at the bottom left of the coloured title section (below the 3 horizontal line midi symbol or the instrument track symbol depending on the type of track). This will show a hidden selection arrow for show/hide automation. Click this and it will show volume automation by default. Click on Volume and a list of midi controllers becomes available.Look up Midi Automation Setup in the manual for more.
If you are looking at the midi part in the Key Editor, with Velocity showing along the bottom, then a hidden selector becomes visible if you hove over the right end of the word Velocity. Press the plus symbol to open a new lane use the same procedure for an additional lane to show modulation as well as velocity.
These hidden options keep the interface less cluttered but they can be confusing to begin with…