Question: Is it really faster?

I’m curious as to how people feel about the speed of execution, load times, shut down times, etc. vs. 7.5?

Since the new engine is highly touted, I’m was kinda expecting WHITER WHITES!

But my experience (so far) is that if it is faster I can’t tell much because (for me anyhoo) the limiting factor is loading the plugs and sample libs. IOW: Cubase may be faster, but the -plugs- don’t seem to be.

Also, I never used Asioguard before… and I’m still not using it because it causes cracklies.

I’m not complaining per se because I was OK with 7.5… I figured it was just a limitation of HDs and SSDs. But I’m wondering what I’m missing (if anything).

I have an i7 K2600/16GB DDR2 and an SSD for boot drive so it ain’t exactly this year’s model, but I was kinda hoping given the marketing. In short: I

If you’re seeing REAL performance gains I’d be interested in hearing under what specific circumstances. The sample load times are a drag.



I have not timed it, but my feeling is it takes longer to load a project.
Argh just remembered something. …
Cubase 8 took over most of my 7.5 settings but enabled the automatic hitpoint detection again. That turned off again speeds up my loading times.

Hi All

I REALLY am finding Cubase 8 to be very responsive and overall just a tad “slicker” than versions before, I like the new look, still hate the colour scheme system though. Loading time of the program itself AND of large projects also a little better and haven’t had any problems so far.

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I’m using a fairly dated i7 860 (2.8GHz) with 8GB RAM and Samsung EVO SSD. I’ve noticed a good performance improvement in loading times. Opening Channel Settings and VST instruments are noticeably faster, same is true for switching between pre-sets in VST instruments.

System performance is often hampered by default Windows drivers. Make sure you’re using the manufacturer device drivers for your hardware (motherboard chipset, sound card, video card, USB adapters, etc, etc).

To be honest I’m not noticing any significant increase in speed. But then I’m not seeing any decrease either, which is a bonus. But of course, that’s just my say so… much like the folks claiming an all round increase in speed. Hardly scientific is it?

I think everything is much slicker. 7.x could be irritating waiting for projects to load. Most of my VST instruments are hosted outside of Cubase (on the same computer) so that did most of the heavy lifting, but it feels less bloated somehow.

I’m not seeing the “Large projects open up to 4 times faster, the MixConsole twice as fast” improvements as advertised on Steinbergs “What’s New…” page.

Mmm, I guess the words “up to” could mean anything. Maybe even slower. :unamused:

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I would say it feels more responsive and load times are better but I am not seeing the big asio gains other people are. I guess it all depends how you tend to use it

Load times for me do not seem any faster…

The ASIO performance is MUCH better with ASIO Guard 2.0, which especially helps in my usage scenarios.

The answer is OOOhhhh yes , it’s super quick and feels a lot more stable than sluggish 7.5 ,but we did know they were rebuilding from the ground up in the life time of 7 so now this is how it should be , super quick on my old 3370k :wink:

Load times very much slower for me AND I’ve also noticed during load my PC seems crippled. eg Chrome browser if open completely hangs. Under 7.5 I could do other things while a project loaded. General performance seems the same.