QUESTION: Is there a way to stop Adjust Sample Rate Dialog?

Been driving me nuts for years.

Years ago, I used to use Wavelab 4 with Cubase with my RME multi-client interface under Win 7/32. I -swear- I could have a 48khz project open in Cubase with Wavelab open working on 44.1 files at the same time. The ‘trick’ was to assign Cubase to RME channels 1,2 and Wavelab to RME channels 3,4.

Now, fast forward to today. I’m using Win 7/64 with Wavelab 7/64 and Cubase 8.5/64.

Somewhere after upgrading to 64 bits… I don’t remember exactly when… the following problem started:

If I have a 48khz project open in Cubase and then open Wavelab with a 44.1 file. The moment I hit Play in WL, I get the dreaded

Adjust Sample Rate? dialog in Cubase. Whether you answer Yes or No, the Cubase project now slows down (adjusts) to the 44.1 rate… EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT USING THE SAME RME CHANNELS.

I thought the whole point of a multi-client ASIO interface was that two programs (like WL and Cubase) could truly operate independently.

Is there a way to get back to how it used to be? (ie. that I could use WL and Cubase at the same time working on files of different sample rates.)