QUESTION: Key Command For Project?

So with the new windowing scheme you can now hide MixConsole and other objects which is -very- handy for working with external programs, eg. VSL, Hauptwerk, etc. And there is a key command for show/hide MixConsole.

Is there also a key command now for the main -Project-? (piano roll)

If not, there oughta be for sure.

Anyone know?



You could always hide/show 1 of 3 mix consoles. I can’t tell you the default KC, but I think its F3? That would show/hide Mix console 1? It seems like the other 2 did not have KC’s. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

So you are saying what is new is show/hide external programs?

When you refer to the main project do you mean the project window or the Key editor (piano roll) window?

That’s not what I mean. As you say, there are already kcs to restore all minimised MixConsoles (good).

BUT, let’s say you minimise the PROJECT (piano roll) window. Is there a Key Command to restore -that- window? So far I have found none. And there -should- be.

The Key Editor is -not- what I mean. I have always taken the ‘piano roll’ to mean the ‘Project Window’ or ‘App Window’.

Before C8 the nomenclature didn’t have to be process because the Project Window -was- the App Window.

NOW, the App Window is the dis-embodied ‘Toolbar’ at the top and the Project Window and MixConsoles live -outside- it.

So… since there are key commands for the other ‘main’ windows (MixConsole, Plug-In Rack, etc.) there should be one for the PROJECT (piano roll) window.


You are on a hiding to nothing, insisting on trying to call the Project Window the Piano Roll.

And the main Project Window/Arrange Page in Cubase has always lived ‘inside’ the Application window, surely…?

Sincere apologies to the OP for going off topic, but felt the above had to be answered.


It (the Product Window) did until C8. Now, it lives independently of the App… like MixConsoles and the Rack did previously. Therefore it needs its own Key Command to minimise/restore.


I’m not in my studio at the moment, but what happens if you set focus on the project window/arrange page and use the microsoft KC’s ?

Example set focus on this window then press ctr+W. I know for a fact ctr+w will close the History window for example. And ctr+Q should quite cubase.

You can Alt/Tab and when it cycles to ‘Cubase’ the Project Window is restored.

But that is definitely -not- as good as having as with MixConsole or other such main windows.

Thanks for writing.