Question: Key Commands For MixConsole

I know that left and right move between tracks. Is there also a ‘Go To Last Track’ command? Like ‘Ctrl-End’ in Microsoft Word?

Or perhaps a ‘Page Down’… to move 8 tracks at a time?




For quick navigating, the Shift+Home (Navigate/Up) and Shift+End (Navigate/Bottom), more or less work in the MixConsole, outside the input tracks.

But if your track list is divided, expect strange results, with sometimes two tracks left as selected…

Doesn’t work for me at all. I do use the divided track list. Shame. The whole keyboard navigation of Mixconsole is pretty terrible.

Thanks for trying, though.


It works here, but with quirks : in example, if you have the ‘VST Instruments’ folder track as first in a division of your track list, Shift+Home will select it, which looks as nothing is so, as this one is not visible in the MixConsole. Another one : if you have selected a track in one division and you use one of these two key commands, it will sometimes left you with two selected tracks. The behavior is not consistent, here…

Overall, we agree on this : trying to use the key commands for navigating in the MixConsole is close to useless…