This may be so obvious I can’t figure it out…

Is it possible to send the MIDI from one MIDI track to more than one VSTi? On a ‘real’ audio desk this would be referred to as ‘multing’…

Basically, I want a ‘Y’ cord for the MIDI like you could do with audio via a Send.

Or maybe there is a MIDI plug-in that can ‘hi-jack’ the MIDI before it gets to the VSTi and ‘forward’ it onto other VSTis?

Why you ask? I’m getting sick of duplicating events/tracks. I just wanna be able to ‘stack’ sounds like in the good ol’ hardware days with a y-cord feeding multiple synths.



midi send perhaps?.. ops manual p457.

You can only ‘Send’ to one of the Send plug-ins. I was hoping there was a plug-in that would allow a ‘forward’.

Check out p. 457, it describes how to route a Send to another MIDI input.

You have to do it from the inspector pane… i KNEW i wasn’t going nuts lol… just fired cubase up to double check :laughing:

I don’t think midi sends are shown by default so if you right click in the inspector you’ll see a hide/show list…


I know you say you’re fed up with duping tracks/parts, but do you use Ghost parts? I create a 2nd midi track with 2nd VSTi in place, then I ghost copy the parts (i.e. I can edit one, they all change). I find the advantages outweigh the extra ghost part copying… First is that I can easily see two tracks in the project, and therefore two VSTi’s (which you can’t see so easily see when using Sends, you have to ‘remember’ they’re being used). The 2nd is that I can apply transpose or velocity adjustment using the status line to one of the ghosted parts which can be really useful for blending the instruments together, e.g. octave doubling of flutes and clarinets, or e.g. octave doubling of moog + MS20 bass.


good point

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No, not the docs… the docs are crap. But the feature is AMAZING. If anyone else is as ADD confused as I.

  1. Apparently you do NOT need to use a ‘Send’ plug-in to forward MIDI to another track.
    a. Just hit the power button on the Send.
    b. Select the teensy down arrow at the bottom right of the Send and Et Viola… the MIDI goes to any VSTi.
    c. And then you can choose the channel on which it’s received with the # widget next door.

So you can get 5 instruments sounding from one MIDI track. Schweeeet!

  1. BUT if wanna get more sophisticated, use the MIDI Modifiers plug-in. Then you can transpose, alter the velocity, etc. forwarded to the Send VSTi. Super Schweet. This is VERY important, since most VSTis will respond to various parameters differently. Saves a LOT of patch tweaking!

  2. I guess if yer all EDM you could use the other plugs to do stuff like forward a drum track to an Arp generator which triggers some bloop, bloop, bloop crap on another synth.

Just great.

Thanks to you both.

NB: I didn’t actually figure it out from pg. 457. But because the posters insisted it was ‘there’ I just started clicking on shit in the Send pane until something ‘happened’. I can’t really complain about the program design here… it does make sense… but this is such a powerful feature, I can’t understand why the docs don’t give at least ONE clear example of how these routings work.

Glad your happy.

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Actually I never clicked on the power button without loading a module, so thanks for that. Harry Tuttle would be proud.

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please note however that this is only possible among instuments added to the instrument rack, and not possible for instrument tracks (last time i tried).

that is a shame in a way, because
1/ instrument tracks are much easier to deal with (esp since v7.5), and
2/ if it were possible, cubase could introduce something akin to logic x’s new ‘instrument stacks’ where a top-layer midi clip controls whatever VSTi’s have been added to the ‘stack’.

I have avoided Instrument Tracks. I think they are half-baked. Thanks for the tip.