Question on Dorico Pro 5: problem adding "accelerando...." across a tempo equation

I have a small technical question on inputting my score in Dorico Pro 5. I’ve gone extensively through the user manual, and do not see an answer:

I want to add “accelerando” to span across a 3 bar phrase, with a dotted line after the directive. This is easy to do. However, in the midst of this phrase, there is a meter change (from 3/2 to 4/4), where I want to use a “tempo equation” (1/4 note = 1/4 note) across that barline.

The accelerando is easy to add, and spans all 3 bars. However, as soon as I add the tempo equation, in the middle of the phrase, the dotted line (after ‘accel.’) gets truncated – terminated in mid-phrase at the tempo equation.

I really want both the tempo equation, in mid phrase, yet keeping the “accel. …” spanning the entire phrase, but this seems impossible. The insertion of the tempo equation stops the ‘…’ from going to end of phrase.

Any input on solving this?

Since the tempo equation is completely redundant (IMHO), enter it as system text?

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Thanks, this makes sense. But it removes it as a fundamental timing
object (which I think play mode may use) and just makes it a text annotation. It’s an option though.

I’m wondering if there is a bug in Dorico, that messes up the dotted line in a gradual dynamic, when intercepted by a ‘tempo equation’.

It’s absence will have no affect on timing.

Good to know, I’ll try it. Much appreciated!

I’m still interested to know from Dorico developers: if this is a bug or feature, and if the latter, why it happens.

Essentially, any immediate or relative tempo change will truncate a gradual tempo. It’s the intended behaviour, though I will grant you that in the specific case of a gradual tempo change that spans a metric modulation, it’s unnecessary.

Many thanks. It still is a bit strange, because fundamentally I’m indicating that the underlying pulse of a fixed quarter note is continuous, in spite of the gradual acceleration across this phrase, yet the mere presence of a different denominator in a meter shift (i.e. 3/2 → 4/4) terminates the dotted acceleration line.

One more weird feature of this example:

The phrase actually has an earlier metrical modulation (6/4 → 3/2) which does not truncate the dotted accel… line (!). Only the later metrical modulation (3/2->4/4) terminates this line.

Is this somehow because the former modulation has no change in # of 1/4 notes per bar?

No, it won’t be anything like that. If you’d like to attach your project (or, even better, a minimal cut-down version that only contains the affected bars and a single instrument), I can tell you more about what’s going on.

See attached – the “accel…” extends through the first ‘tempo equation’, between mm. 1 and 2, and is not truncated.

That said, when I try to copy and reenter the accel. from scratch, it does truncate the ‘…’ at the end of m. 1.


test.dorico (1.62 MB)

I had this sort of problem a while back.

I can’t figure out how you managed to persuade Dorico to create the gradual tempo in such a way that it isn’t truncated by the tempo equation, but clearly there is a way!

However, my recommendation for stable results would be to use a system-attached text item to provide the tempo equation, so that Dorico doesn’t truncate the gradual tempo.

Or, use two gradual tempos, one either side of the tempo equation.

Many thanks, Daniel!

Hi all,
As recommended, I’m trying to create and attach a ‘tempo equation’ as system-attached text. However, I don’t see any options to include note equations in such text – only keyboard characters (i.e. letters, etc)l… I’m following the Pro 5.0 manual, and clicking on Popovers → Text (in Write Mode).

Any input appreciated.

You can change the font you are using to a music font. For example bravura text. Then right click an Insert Music Text

Thanks, but can you give more detail?
I’m on a Mac, I open system text (Popovers ->Text), then switch the font as you indicate from Default to Music Text.
Still unclear how to enter notes – at this point, the popup small menu still only lists font size, centering, etc., no notes shown.
Do I additionally need to select some font category?

sry. one step is even unnecessary.

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Thanks for the pointer, but I still don’t see it. On p. 388 of the Pro 5 manual, there’s a section on “Insert Music Text dialog”. On my Mac, in ‘system text’ mode, with the text popup menu, I don’t see how to get this music dialog box. I’ve selected “music text” in the system text editor character style field, but get no dialog popup.

While you’re editing text, right-click and you’ll see the Insert Music Text option in the context menu.

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Many thanks, Daniel and Nukkul. It works well!
(with ctrl-shift on my Mac trackpad = right click)

A followup on this thread:

I’ve been entering “system text”, to create Tempo Equations across barlines, in the middle of gradual tempo changes (accel., etc.), as suggested.

I can easily create and enter the ‘text’ system equations. However, there still is a problem. In a normal full score, with multiple instruments, one normally enters a Tempo Equation once, above the top staff of a given system. This equation is then propagated to all the individual part layouts.

However, when I replace the tempo equation by equivalent system text, in the full score, in the midst of a long gradual tempo change, it does not propagate to all the part layouts. Instead, it seems to be treated as belonging only to the instrument on the top staff of the system and propagates to that one part layout.

I could enter the tempo equation on every staff in the system, to ensure it is propagated to all the instrumental part layouts, but this looks weird and it isn’t proper music notation.

Am I missing something? Any input or workarounds appreciated.