Question on How To Load My Own Wav Files Into a Sampler For Playback In Midi Controller Keyboard

So if by using hitpoints I slice a audio event into small samples and export and save them as Wav files.
I think this above is more or less in the correct process.
Suppose I sample and save just one part from an audio file.
What is the process to load this Wav file into my midi controller keyboard so that one Wav file plays in the correct pitch and speed, on every note of the midi controller keyboard effectively allowing me to record song melodies.
I only have Halion Sonic SE and know that I will have to upgrade.
I know that the Wav files can be dragged onto Groove Agent SE but I would rather have the sample loaded into a piano keyboard sampler.
I can’t get my head around how only one sampled note can be loaded into midi controller keyboard and play correctly across the entire keyboard many thanks in advance.


Use the Sample Track, please.

So I load one sample into the sampler track at it plays that sound perfectly in pitch and speed on each key, do I not need to adjust some settings ?


If the result is as you expect, then ou don’t have to.

Well I loaded a prerecorded guitar track,and the lower down the keyboard it was slower and the higher up the keyboard it was faster,what are the magic buttons again to sort this, is it musical mode,is it vari audio,audio warp,I just can’t remember Martin I’ve watched so many tutorials I now forgot what I should be watching to learn this lol


I’m afraid this is not possible in the Sampler Editor. You would need real sampler (as HALion is).

In regards to the Sampler Track I really like Jef’s video. Your question is covered within the first 2 minutes.


Thanks Johnny,great video