Question on reselling cubase 9

Hi I’m trying to resell my steinberg cubase 9 that I’ve downloaded via download access code (which is lost by the way) and it says I need to provide the buyer with a backup of the installation file on CD, DVD or on a USB flash drive after I’ve deleted the registration on the website.

My question is, is this ‘backup file’ talking about the USB e-licenser or do I need to buy one and make a backup file on my own? The instructions seem quite vague :/.
Also, do I need to provide the buyer with the download access code I’ve already used?
(If anyone’s ever resold their program, please help :confused: )

I’m trying to use the request section on MySupport page on the site but it keeps redirecting me to the login page… Any ideas on why this is happening would also be useful too…


USB-eLicenser doesn’t contain the installer. You don’t have to provide the installer anymore. The installer is available online once you/he activate(s) Cubase.

I’d you already used the Download Access Code, you have to provide the Activation Code, you got, or the license itself (stored in the USB-eLicenser), if you already activated Cubase with the Activation Code.

Thanks for the reply!

One more question, can you tell me where I can find my Activation Code? Is it the barcode number on my CD box?

And if the buyer reinstall the program, will they need any kind of download access code or is the USBeLicenser/Activation Code all they need?


You for the Activation Code once you ask for it by using the Download Access Code. You got an email and it’s also available in your MySteinberg account. If your license is stored on the USB-eLicenser, you don’t need it anymore.

The license is stored in the USB-eLicenser, you don’t need any code then.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:))