Question on sounds

Hello, I’m in a bit of a pickle.

I’m working off of a mobile rig right now while out of town on business and I haven’t ran Dorico on it in quite a while. I’m running all my samples off an external drive, and everything but the Halion factory library is working. I’ve checked in the library manager and everything is defaulting to my external drive, I’ve checked to make sure that the playback template is set to HSSE + HSO (PRO) yet no Halion playback. Does anyone have any solutions?

Is this true for any document? New ones, old ones?

Just tried a document from about a year ago, added some sounds from Halion (was using the Symphonic Orchestra plugin thats no longer around) and it worked just fine so it appears to only be a problem with new documents. The problem one in question I made a few days ago.

Could you post a demo project which does not load sounds with you? Thanks