Question on the Editor tab

Just bought C9 and was wondering… is there any way to turn on the fade and gain handles in the editor. It seems I can do more in the track faster than I can with the Low Zone Editor.

Maybe it’s always been like this, but I’ve always done most of my work in the track and rarely used the Clip editor. But now that it’s presented in such a handy fashion I think it should also have these functions.

Also, when you gain the clip in the track above, the waveform doesn’t expand to match in the Editor.


You can do so by using Offline Processes. But these are destructive changes. I would recommend you to use Fade In and Out, and the Gain in the tracks.

Yeah, thought it might be something like that. Guess I’ll have to learn more about it to see how it can fit into my work flow.

Thanks, Martin.