Question on the logic of parts volume vs part channels order

Maybe someone can explain to me why a part volume is by default the same for all channels, and on the other side, the parts channels’ order vary by default * ? Shouldn’t be the opposite way? Same channels order by default among the parts, and different volumes (if necessary) ? I cannot figure out this one but maybe I’m overseeing something here . :wink: Thanks in advance

*when importing a media file containing an arranger track, and having to change the channel order of the parts this is happening

Don’t understand this. “Same Channels” is not easy to define.

  • Channel order is per Part.

  • Volumes always default to 0 dB (or MIDI: NOT SET). Volumes of track channels are per Song and don’t change when a Part changes, how should that be?

Hi @Pieffe , hi @musicullum ,

as I just start my tracks, didn’t really use parts (just for 1-2 songs), but just tryed out now again. It’s really scaring me that when creating new part, Mixer View track ordering isn’t keeps the same positions (even not cloned by default) while MIDI actions (for mixer tracks) are only tracking MixerTrackOrdering. I personally don’t see the point that even OUT channels gets reordered by “+” adding new “Part”.

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Completely agree with you. We need some improvement on these issues…otherwise it becomes a lot of work to create a setlist with complete song parts that matches all the remote midi controls

Ok, let me try again per individual issue… I’ll do it on a workflow of adding a song (import media project) to my setlist…

I imported a media project, reorder the tracks ( consistent to actions and external midi controllers), and colored the tracks for better visibility. The parts under song 71 have been automatically imported from the media project. Notice that I create a V empty part to be always consistent with my external midi controller buttons ( 1 to 8, volume , mute etc) So far so good.

Now I open the mixer editor on part count in a see the following Channel order Retrologue, Metro, Can’t hide Song, CC and Stereo out. I created an additional CC output for in ear where I route the Click and the cues. See also the volumes level per channel with my adjustments.

All parts have the same order of channels and same volume level

I reorder the channels of the count in part according to my needs ( ext midi controllers).

Now as you can see I have to reorder all channels per part…it will not follow the first order set in the count in part. Notice though that the volumes will be consistently followed . This is on one hand good but at the same time if I need different volumes per channel per part I cannot do it.

Now I open the song editor and see that the song channels order does not match the track order ( see track screen above)

I have to reorder the song channels according to my needs(ext midi controller)

This is now very strange , when I open the first Intro part and the last End part I see that the song channels do not match the order of the count in part.

All other song parts are in the same order as the count in except the created V track (orders as the last song track)

Now I reorder all song channels in the same way in all parts and turned the volume of V track down in Intro. The volumes of any channel cannot be controlled individually per part…

Hopefully this explanation shows now what I meant before… I think that the order of channels should be the same for all parts and the volume faders should work independently per part…

We will add tools to organize channel order, for instance, apply to all Parts/all Songs etc. Also when you create a new Part, we will copy channel order of the previous Part to that.


Hi @musicullum , is there benefit of split channel order config within the same song? I mean it’s additional data to store/reload and additional script to do further things also. Wouldn’t it be more simple/bare-metal just keep them at the same pos / song?

Plz do not read this offensive, it’s a question only as I meight not see benefit while how I’m currently using it.

Not that simple, some channels are global (Groups, Outs), some are Song based (tracks), some are Part based. AS for workload, that’s neglible.

Why should we, we are grateful for your support!

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Oh, I see! Maybe then what if anything else then inside the “Song Track Container (Song Fader without extended with “e”)” remains stationarry? Wouldn’t it be more “bare-metal”?

:hugs: :smiling_face:

But Layers and Stacks are Part based and not global (except Global Part - sic), so…?

@musicullum You are right, I’m mistaken, sorry! I understand now :slight_smile:

Good to hear you guys have a solution in mind!
Please take into account 2 different scenarios for the editing tools : 1- importing a media project from cubase with an existent arranger track; 2- Creating (new/extra) parts in a song in VSTLive.

Any idea when these solutions will be implemented?

Not sure how these are related. As for import, there are options to take arranger track entries as Songs, or Parts. As for channel order, we are working on it.

Fantastic! Thanks guys… tremendous improvement for the workflow

Unfortunately still issues detected… randomly not doing what is suposed to do… I have been changing the order of a out channel

There is also this one where the order of a global layer channel is moving

Wish I had better news:-)