Question on updating to C7


Question regarding update to C7.

Im in a middle of a project and suddenly i have the urge to update my 6.5.5 to C7 but i cant gauge how difficult (or not) of a transition it is with the new GUI and how big (or small) of downtime i should expect. I only have this weekend to learn the new UI so, if its expected to take any longer i am considering holding off until my projects are done.

If anyone who updated to C7 can share their experience, it will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ve checked out the tutorials for C7 but im more interested on things that affected you from the transition ie. it was a nuisance to X because Y changes, etc.

If you use the mixer a lot, there may be a bit of a learning curve involved but in all other areas (particularly performance) you should notice a marked improvement.

Basic rule number one - never update while working on a project , wait till you have completely finished that project and then start a fresh with the new update .
The last thing we want to see is you coming back screaming and shouting that updating has screwed up your projects :wink:

You don’t say what system your using, you can run 6.5 and 7 on the same machine and move over as when your confident. Stability is not an issue with Cubase though there are some really annoying issues still not resolved in C7 that can be really frustrating and push you back to C6.5

+1 to that…

Im on Win 7 64bit

ugh, fair enough…though this means several weeks :cry:

you can still install it and use it and run 6.5 and 7 side by side no problem but I wouldn’t risk opening a project your working on . Finish that first then move and by the time you’ve made the move you have learnt some of the UI while using 6.5 :wink:

Make a copy of the project file and any ancillary media files to a new directory.

I’ve not seen any performance improvement.
On the opposite:

  • plugin windows open noticeably slower since they
    brought back the long missed ‘on click opens GUI’ feature.
  • AFAIK it’s still recommended to turn off ASIO Guard,
    or performance may suffer …

What they improved, is the workslow !

  • Much more clicking and hovering around …
  • Mixer settings can not be stored/recalled, globally.
    ( If you tweaked the mixer, you’ll have to do it again, for every old song )
  • Less info ( in the mixer ) … taking more space …
  • All mixer buttons looking the same, is counter intuitive.
  • The control room mixer does not show half of the info as before and needs a lot more clicking.
  • The readability has been degraded. ( mixer and especially project-ruler )
  • The scroll wheel can not be used in the mixer, anymore. ( you may accidentally change values )

… and many of the current C7 drawbacks are not part of any learning curve.

Cubase 6.5.5 is the fastest and best Cubase, ATM.


wtf? :unamused:
What about plugins and settings? If i open a C655 session, will the plugins be there and with the same settings?

Can you specify some of the things that bothered you? I use the CR settings but the very basic ones like TB, Click, MIX and Aux. I also have an ARC plug in there too.

Do you mean navigating in the mixer page like scrolling through tracks in a big session?
im a scroll wheel junky with my Kensington Expert Mouse. I use it primarily for fine tuning parameters.

rubbish , im using the scroll wheel constantly on the mixer

Yes, the plugins will load as they where stored.
I’ll try to be more precise :
If you loaded a 6.5.5. song in C7, you may want to adjust the new mixer to your liking.
This includes zooming (horizontal/vertical), switching off certain unused racks ( eq, comp, etc. ),
adjusting the hight of the faders, etc.
This can take a few minutes.
Now you have your perfect mixer setup and would like to store it, to reload it on the next 6.5.5 song.
This is not possible.
You need to make all changes again, for each old song.
( If you are a ‘take it as it comes’ - user, this is a non issue, though … )

Well … in 6.5.5 you just can reach all important settings with one click.
In the new version, you’ll have to choose the main view (2 options),
than expand the correct channel, then do the tweaking.
A very high screen reso helps a bit, but I doubt You’ll be able to see all 4 busses at the same time.
( They are ordered vertically now )
It’s also very counter intuitive and thus has a steep learning curve.

Have to clarify :
Sure enough, the scrollwheel still works.
BUT, the new mixer has two functions for the scroll wheel :

  1. changing values of sends, croom sends, Hp/LP filters, gain, etc.
  2. scrolling vertically through the mixer racks ( inserts, sends, eq, comp, filters, gain, etc )

These two functions are not ‘seperated’.
I.e.: you want to scroll to the filter rack at the top off the mixer,
while the mouse hovers over an FX send.
You’ll change the FX-send, instead of scrolling through the mixer.

Hope the helps.