question on video

C5 will allow u to work with video. But Can’t export finished product. :frowning:(
Can C6 export video?


No export video.
But you can “replace audio in video file”.
Just make sure the audio file is the exact same length as the video. (set markers to video clip)

thanks for your replies guys.
I do realize I can replace audio.
But cutting and creating the vid is very easy in cubase.
For the funds associated, we should be able to export the video.
Bummed… :unamused:

I agree it would be awesome to be able to export editied video from Cubase, but Cubase is one of the few or maybe only DAWs that lets you cut and paste video. On others, e.g., Digital Performer and Logic you can’t even do that, and Logic is limited to one single video file per project, Cubase has no limitation in that regard. They all cost about the same.

Just imo.