Question/problem re: MIDI channel faders - Cubasis 2

I’m pretty much a newbie when it comes to MIDI recording so forgive me if this is a dumb question!.. Last night I hooked up my ATV AD5 electonic drum module via USB to my iPad running Cubasis 2. The AD5 manual says “If you set MIDI Channel to INDIVIDUAL each pad can be recorded to a separate track when you record MIDI into your DAW.” So I did that and then created 2 MIDI tracks in Cubasis corresponding to MIDI channel 1 & 2, for Kick and Snare respectively - just to test things in the first instance. I then recorded snare and kick for a few bars and when I played back the MIDI tracks the AD5 was correctly triggered exactly as if it were me playing. Or with the AD5 is disabled the MIDI tracks play the the drum instrument sounds inside Cubasis. So far all good.

However, when I move the MIDI channel faders on playback – e.g. to adjust the relative balance of snare and kick – the faders do nothing and the levels being triggered in the AD5 remain unchanged. At first I wondered if maybe this was just a limitation of MIDI tracks, but then I noticed the faders do work if those tracks are playing the internal Cubasis drum sounds. What am I missing here?.. why won’t the faders on MIDI tracks change the volume being trigged in the external AD5, but they do work triggering the internal Cubasis sounds?


Hi angus12345,

Thank you for your message.

The mixer faders can be used to change the levels of the internal instruments, or other 3rd party apps connected via Audio Unit or similar.

Given the ATV AD5 supports this, MIDI CC might be an option to change the volumes in your drum module from within Cubasis.
Please learn more in our dedicated How to Use Automation and MIDI CC’s in Cubasis tutorial.

Hope that helps!

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