Question: Quickly Adjust Velocity Of Notes While Drawing?

Possibly noob question:

In the Key Editor I may want to quickly paste in 8 notes… A B C D E F G A. Boom. I hit the draw tool and click, click, click with my mouse hand. Is there a way to adjust the velocity of each note with my OTHER HAND as I’m drawing? Or perhaps with a drawing tablet?

IOW: As I click, I could use the up/down arrows or the mouse wheel to vary the velocity?

(I’m thinking of drawing apps like Adobe where one can use a pressure tablet to make lines thicker/thinner while drawing.)




Before drawing, you can select one of the Insert Velocity (you can define your own velocities, and there are Key Commands for every single one). After drawing, you can adjust the Velocity in the controller line, in the Info View of by using Velocity tool (Ctrl+Shift+click and move up/down; hopefuly, I’m right with the Ctrl+Shift modifier; speaker icon appears instead of the mouse cursor).

Is it OK for you, like this?

Like Martin says, not while actually drawing, but as soon as you have released the mousebutton (presumably, once you are happy with the note’s length) you can then hold down Shift+Ctrl (Shift +CMD on Mac), hover over a note (or a group of selected notes), so that the “speaker” icon appears, then drag the mouse up/down to adjust the velocity.

Thank you gentlemen. Sadly, it’s not what I was hoping for. If one could do as I suggest, things would go -much- faster for me.


In Studio One, you enter a note in the piano roll, pulling the mouse left and right make the note longer or shorter, pulling the mouse up or down makes the velocity higher or lower. That’s the best way to have it done.