Question Re. MIDI Editor Note Colours Velocity

Before I complain or make a suggestion…

Is it just -me- or has the colour scheme for MIDI notes changed in the editor slightly?

So you select multiple tracks and open the MIDI Editor. You select Colour By Part and you can distinguish each track’s notes based on their colour. The non-selected tracks were rendered slightly ‘translucent’.

But now… it seems like when you select this option it tries to ‘shade’ each colour on the non-selected tracks according to its velocity… I guess to give one the best of both worlds. So the non-selected track notes are not only translucent but -shaded-.

When did this change? Whenever, it’s not a good idea. On my monitors if I have one track that’s ‘red’ and another that’s ‘pink’, when viewed together it’s just too hard to see which notes go with which track.

At least there should be a way to turn this new behaviour ‘off’.


It was like this in C6, and no different or better in C7.

I only edit one track at a time, so it’s not something I have come up against before, but it is rather unuseable, the colour shading is not enough to distinguish between parts - it definately needs changing - perhaps with a preference control for colour balance between selected and non selected part, or maybe even just grey for non selected part.

So I would say, yes - make a big complaint/suggestion to Steinberg - it does need changing.

Yes, the difference in shading between active in non-active parts could be more intense, and/or the black outline on the active part’s events could be a pixel thicker.


particularly steve’s idea of an outline

Like the black outline idea