Question re: Pool Folder

Hi & hello

This is a question for the engineers among the community.

Being from a performing background I’ve not had much to do with Cubases audio functions but since I am trying to do things for myself (for a change) I’d like to know more about how the audio pool works.

Normally I save my project files on the main hard disk and then back them up to flash media, but often i am “cleaning” the desktop and then simply cut & paste files over to the flash thus overwriting anything old but the problem starts when I copy back to the desktop eg making my own “backup to folder” because what happens is the pool location is actually still set on the flash media because I made a few minor changes such as midi volume and so on.

My question is this:

Does anyone know how to change the current location of the pool folder for any given project or is it set somehow when a project is first created?

I’ve seen a menu option on right-click that supposedly allows you to change the folder location but it seems to do nothing and in fact does nothing at all.

What I was hoping for was to long click on the Project Folder: location at the top and/or Pool Record Folder: and change it there kind of like changing the name of a file in the operating system, but I’m supposing it can’t be that easy.

Any help is warmly welcomed and appreciated.

Cheers and good luck to the early adopters now C6 is just around the corner :arrow_right:

When backing up a project I usually just do a Backup Project from the File menu then just move the resulting folder to wherever I want it. I have never had a problem with this.

Hiya, I’ll attempt a few answers and suggestions…

First some advice - keep each project in separate sub-folder. You might already do it, in which case, ignore.

You mention the desktop too, I wouldn’t put anything on the desktop unless it’s absolutely temporary.

You should consider the Pool as a list of files and their locations rather than a single folder on the disk. Because those files can be put anywhere, but the general idea is to keep them all in the Project’s Audio sub-folder.

I’m not in front of my DAW at the moment, but the menu item to change the ‘pool’ location only applies to newly recorded audio. It only controls where new audio goes, it doesn’t for instance inform Cb5 to ‘rescan’ the files listed in the pool for the new location.

The only way I know of to get Cubase to relink to different files is to close your project, move the audio files manually on the disk and then open your project. Cubase will prompt you with a window to locate the missing files - and then when you’ve found them they are relinked in their new location (save the project of course!).

Another feature which might help you is that when you move the .cpr project file you get an option when you open it next to use the old pool location or use the new project’s Audio subfolder… Not sure how much this will help you but it may do.

Mostly I would suggest that you never edit projects on the flash backup, always use the hard disk version, this would avoid any pool problems I think.

Sorry, not really provided a solution to your problem but more a few changes in your working practices. Maybe it’ll help?


Hi Mike it’s great advice, thanks very much for giving me the heads up.

I think the only way to change the default pool location is to use the “Backup Project” submenu as Split has said in the File menu but as I’ve been readily confused when moving projects I tend not to do that much other than to say clean the desktop, but as mentioned earlier if I go to make a change on that removable media (or something don’t really know what defines the original project location when starting fresh) it uses the flash drive and thus won’t record audio at anything above 44.1.

I found a few things out though looking in the manual. Although the pool location is fixed as per first save (or as you’ve suggested on move of the project file) you can create sub folders under audio, but being as clunky as Cubase is, I have found I’m better off doing this in the system and moving the audio as you’ve said and let cubase find at least one file then it will target the rest.

Bit complicated for my liking.

Hopefully C6 will see some improvements in this area, maybe a bit more like (cringe) mediabay but without the soundframe concept and like the pool but at least with the ability to set the default media drive rather than what seems to be the situation currently, ie some hard coded link in the program that cannot be altered without some trick.

Cheers & many thanks

I’m also interested in this issue. Normally I would never move stuff, but this time I wanted to revert to MIDI and do the project with new sounds at a different sample rate. I also want to do this without destroying the old work which will be kept where it is today. An option of selecting a different folder for the pool would be easy. Now I either have to back up the project or export the midi and reopen it… silly really.

Just do a back up project it will leave your original project alone then work with the new project folder.

Always Prepare Archive before Backup. It consolidates all files referenced outside of the project audio folder to it.

Indeed, personally I never have files referenced outside the project folder, always considered it bad practice. Probably a throwback to the old VST32 file handling!!!