question re: propogate properties!

Can’t find this anywhere. If I set up a certain positioning for the boxed text pictured here in the Full Score:

and then click and highlight the boxed text in Engraving Mode and choose “Propogate properties”, shouldn’t the spacing/location of the text relative to the staff ALSO be copied in the subsequent Parts automatically (to go with the fact that it’s boxed and I’ve asked it to “erase background”, both of which DO carry over?) However, this is what I get:

What am I missing here?

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You’re not missing anything: the position properties can’t be propagated because they don’t translate. This property can have a different value for each staff, and so it doesn’t map cleanly between layouts with different numbers of staves. I’ll have a think about whether we could perform some kind of mapping in some limited situations. (You would find that a staff-attached text item’s properties would be propagated as you expect.)

Ah - so the workaround would be to use staff text instead of system text, cut/paste it on each instrument in the Full Score, then “propagate” the Engraving Full Score properties elsewhere (ie. to all the Parts) to preserve positioning? Seems like a lot more work unfortunately.

It would be nice to be able to create a system text, position it nicely at the top of the first staff in the Full Score (including it’s x y coordinates tweaked in Engraving Mode), and then have those coordinates propagate similarly (x y location-wise) to each staff. I’d personally rather it do this and then have me make any adjustments afterwards rather than having to cut/paste the same staff text on each staff manually…(my two cents)…Cutting/pasting staff text also looks awful in the Full Score, and I can’t for the life of me find anyway to hide all but the text copied to the top line (I don’t see the option in either Write Mode or Engraving Mode properties, nor when I right-click, etc. - but hope it might be there?)

  • D.D.

The more obvious workaround IMO would just be to adjust the position of the system text item in each part layout.

Is there some way to copy the position of the system text in the FIRST part layout to the other Part Layouts automatically? That’s a whole bunch of parts to have to manually move text around in otherwise (especially with multiple text cues in a large score)…
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Not with a system text item.

I’m trying to figure out a workaround since I’m sure others might encounter this same situation: I’d like to indicate a change (via a text indication) for something that affects everyone such as “(drums come in)”, and without using a notes-based cue (or just a rehearsal letter). It would seem logical in the full score for that to appear just at the top using system text. But it seems laborious to have to manually move every single instance for every instrument in the score in the individual parts just to have it the same distance from the staff as the initial placement. Is there some other workaround that can achieve the same result? (just curious before I start tweaking). I’m also happy (if necessary) to use staff text and cut/paste it on every instrument in the Full Score (easily done), since I see that I can propagate the proper X-Y position from one part to the rest afterwards (from Engrave Mode). However, if I do this, I can’t see any way to hide the text in all but the top staff when in the Full score?
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You seem to be using System Text where a Cue would be used in other cases. Perhaps that can lead to a work-around solution.

Much thanks for the suggestion and I did just try experiment with using Cues. However, the problem is that the text I’m trying to indicate on every staff (things like (drums enter)" are precisely for items that are not actually in the score (I’m charged with only doing the orchestrations for this project, with the rhythm section being done separately). So there isn’t a drum part I can include in the other parts as a cue. Also: even if I insert text on the first Alto Sax staff just so I can include this text in a cue for the other instruments, when I try to insert that “text” cue elsewhere it of course also says “alto:” above (not optimal), plus the spacing is still too high so it would defeat the whole purpose to go this method vs. just manually tweaking staff text.

At any rate, I maintain that it would be nice for a situation like this (having the same system text indication in every part positioned the same way) to be “automate-able” in the future…

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Dear D.D,
You could create a cue player with these kind of cues, and not include him in the Layouts!

Also an excellent idea. I think, though, I’ve decided to simply enclose such “text cues” in a box and still make it System Text. This way there’s not as much of an urgent “visual need” for the box to be closer to the top of each corresponding instrumental part’s staff, as it would be if “un-boxed” (ie. it can hover above in it’s default position and still look ok even in the parts, I think)…Fingers crossed they’ll make doing something like my original request simpler (down the line, etc.), however (I say “greedily” :slight_smile:)…

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I have the exact issue described by the OP. In film scores you invariably want an “X clicks in” marking to appear boxed above the bar 1 tempo marking of every conductor score & part and in my case the boxed text defaults to appearing awkwardly positioned below the tempo marking. As it stands I have to manually adjust the offset of the system text across all the parts which is time consuming! It would be AWESOME to be able to propagate text offsets across all parts! (in my case manually entering the same text offset values across all parts does work). Please add my +1 for this feature request.