Question regarding cubasis 3 android

Will there be autotune for cubasis 3 android version soon?, :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: Plss, make it available.

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As of yet, the Waves plug-ins are exclusive to iOS only unfortunately.

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Will that ever change?

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@youngpapii Android doesn’t support any form of “plug-in” analogous to the “Auv3” standard available in IOS. There’s a very lively market of Auv3 plug-ins for IOS, and many IOS music apps (not just DAWs like Cubasis) support them, because they are compatible with Auv3.

If Waves or any other provider were to support Android, it would have to be specific to Cubasis or another DAW, because there is as yet no standard for plug-ins in the Android world.

Auria Pro, a one-time competitor to Cubasis on IOS, supported many plug-ins that you could only purchase through them. An example is the FabFilter line, which many consider top of the line. For a time, the publisher of Auria Pro actually sold some of the FabFilter plug-ins. Now that Auv3 has become the dominant IOS plug-in standard, FabFilter no longer sells the Auria Pro-specific version of their products. It’s just not worth supporting, I assume.

Thank you for responding. I guess what I’m getting at is, can you still get a good mix with whats given through the android version? Is it worth it? $30 isnt much to some, but I’d rather not spend it if it’s a waste. I use to use Cubase elements years ago and I enjoyed it until my home studio was destroyed during Hurricane Harvey. I just came across cubasis while scrolling through the google store and it caught my eye. Lol

@youngpapii I think so. You can get great results using the included effects and instruments in Cubasis. You can record two tracks at a time, and mix an unlimited number of tracks.

To be truthful, I am using Cubasis IOS with about a dozen purchased plug-ins, including compression, multi-band compression, limiting, clipping, EQ, de-essing, bass enhancement, reverb, time- and pitch-shifting and delay tools from FabFilter, DDMF, Toneboosters, Red Rock Sounds and Eventide.

I might have gotten further along faster with my project if I hadn’t had those options. I spent months researching and trying plug-ins. I probably would have built a perfectly workable and good-sounding mix template with the included Cubasis effects, and made more progress with my music itself. Your music is what matters. No one will ask you which brand of compressor you use!

I think you should get answers from actual Android Cubasis users, but my strong intuition is that the Android version is well-worth $30 and the effort you’ll put into learning it.