Question regarding scripting


I need some help with a script I’m using and trying to develop further.

I use MediaMonkey for managing my audio file libraries (mix and master files) so that I can use it’s flexibility for tagging and scripting, and it works great.

I have also made a script that opens up Wavelab 10 for files I select in MediaMonkey, and this also works well.
Earlier it was no problem, it just opened the files in the audio editor and I could do what I needed.
But now when I’m using File Groups and Audio Montage more, I wold like to improve the script.

Currently I am just sending in list of files to be opened and they opens in a new File Group in WL.
If I send a list of more files they are opened in the same File Group.
The script is simply executing a command containing “program file path + audio file path”.

Now I want to see if it is possible to improve the script so that it:

  • can open files in new File group for each send/execution
  • can open files in a new Audio Montage instead of File Group.

Searching the Forum and looking in the script documentation I cannot find anything related to using script for creating/opening new File Groups or adding files to a new Audio Montage.

So is this possible using script in any way?

I haven’t adjusted the script it using any WL specific API scripting at this stage, bascially beacuse I use the same code for other similar applications.


Are you using ActiveX scripting, or the WaveLab Internal script system?

Hi PG!

I’m currently just using simple VBS (see below), so I can use another version of script to open Ozone separately. Don’t know if that is regarded as ActiveX…!?

But I would like to try to use WL scripting if possible to solve my problem.


Create an empty script inside WaveLab, then click on this to get the complete doc.
For example, you can create a montage, and add clips to it.

Normally, you can run an internal script from an ActiveX script.
I must say this was not tested recently. You will have to experiment.

Hi and thanks PG!

I will have a look at it.

When looking in the documentation I have found that:

  • for creating a Montage I can try to use - openMontage (fileName) - but without filename?
    Will this create new unnamed AM, as there is no function for creating new Montage?

  • for adding clips I can use - insertClip (indexTrack, where, fileName, rippleMode).

  • but I cannot find any function(s) for creating or using File Group(s)!?


There is none, sorry.