Question regarding tape recording/AudioWarp

So I bought an old tape deck to record some channels to, and then re-record it back to my computer for that nice tape sound.
Now what I did not think about is the ever so slight time delay that occurs when recording to tape.

It sound fine in the begninning of the recording, but at the end it’s quite noticable.

Is there any quick-fix for this in Cubase 10.5 Pro?
Or anyone that had the same problem?

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Yes, you can stretch the signal after, for example by using the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool and align it with the original. Or you could try to use Audio Alignment feature.

But my guess is that you lose more than you gain. By the Time Stretch the sound changes and the change might be more audible then the warmness of the analog tape machine. My guess is, any Tape Machine plug-in would do a better job here.

Is it a 3 head deck? (plays back from tape as it records)
If you record the tape back into CB as you go, sync won’t be an issue.
The 1/3 second (or so) recorded offset can just be slid to the left in CB,
or you could set the tape machine up as an external plugin,
to compensate for the delay automatically.
( I’ve never used an external plugin, but I assume CB has a compensation parameter for that.)