Question regarding Win7 64 and using C6/C5 32?

OK, I am upgrading to Win7 64 I will soon be able to use more ram. I know this is correct.

Sorry to be so geek stupid, but if I run C6 in 32 bit form on a 64 bit OS machine, will I have access to the added ram? Or can I only run C6 32 on a 32 bit OS machine? I assume the latter is correct but I have to ask.

OK, moving along… I realize that some here are running Win7 32 bit and that you can buy Win7 in 32 bit format, which limits the ram, of course. Does it follow then that if you buy the dual bit rate Win7 OS, the version that has 32 and 64 bit OSs, can you load both 32 bit and 64 bit Win7s on your PC? I think you can but I am not super sure.

If this is possible, can I load a 32 bit AND a 64 bit single version of C6 on my PC and toggle between the two as I change bit rates? Does the OS recognise the the different bit rates of C6 or do I have to load two independant C6s? Can I do that if I only have one C6 license?

If I load Win7 and I want to keep using C5, I have to load the dual OS bit rate versions, correct? And then switch to Win7 32 to use it?

Thank you for any answers, I am just getting a little thoughtful as the new year begins and I get ready to make the switch.

Run everything 64bit and use J-Bridge if any 32bit plugs don’t play nice.

Thanks Nate. Keeping in mind what you wrote, I have by now googled some MS related forums and understand why you wrote what you wrote. I get it. …I think. :laughing:

There is an article in the Steinberg Knowledgebase about the 64bit differences which should clarify.


Another very viable option, if too many of your 32 bit plugs behave poorly with JBridge, is to run 32 bit Cubase, and bridge your high-RAM plugs (e.g. Kontakt, Superior, HALion) from 64 to 32. JBridge will enable this as well as the more common 32 to 64 bit bridging. You’ll see 32 bit Cubase RAM usage stay low, while JBridge (running 64 bit Kontakt as auxhost in task manager) can go well above 4GB…as much RAM as you have really.

I would try mashedmitten’s suggestion first, and maybe try mine as a plan B second option.

You can run both 32 and 64 bit versions of Cubase from the same machine.

Thanks again all. From what I read, in a nutshell, it looks like anything (program) written for x86 will work in x64 but not the drivers to my hardware. Since my sound interface has the option of x64 drivers this will be good then. Too, I am told that Waves will update their plugs to 64 bit this January and, if this is true, I really won’t have any plugs except one that will need the jbridge buffer.

But still, it is kinda confusing. There are horror stories out there but most of them are over a year old, and written mainly by folks who are trying to use really old programs - older than x86. I also have a handful of other related (to recording) programs on my PC that have available updated 64 bit versions so this will have to be sorted out. I look forward to the switch at this point just to see what the added ram will do for C6 of course.