question/request: save MIDI data with track preset?

Hey guys,

New Cubase user here. So, tell me… Is it possible to save MIDI/Audio regions, VST settings, and Track settings to a track preset, snapshot or something similar?

Sometimes when I am making music I sorta zone out and end up building a really cool midi loop with a custom synth patch and effects chain. Eventually I will realize “Well, this is not going to work in this song. I should stop wasting time and just get back to work - but I want to save this for a future project.”

To the best of my knowledge, to do this in Cubase I have to save each plugin preset, export the audio/midi, make notes of how the FX chain was ordered, and so on. I don’t like this. Is there a better way?

In Reaper I can select a track and choose “save as track template”. This will save all track settings, all effects settings, all plugin settings (without having to save a new preset inside the plugin), and even the audio/midi items in the track. I can recall it months later and get the exact same sound.

Can Cubase do something similar??

The solution is the ‘track archive’ (available only in the full Cubase version, AFAIK) : it will save all the settings that are not specific to your project and also the media (MIDI or audio) recorded in it.

See the manual for more details.

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Thanks! I appreciate the information.

You can try SAVE AS -> MIDI LOOP. This saves at least the used plugin, its preset, all MIDI data and tempo information. You can then search it in the MediaBay and pre-listen to it, as if it were audio, synced to the project, if you want. Works only with instrument tracks though.


This is why it’s standard practice to leave space at the start to allow for recording midi initialization data.