QUESTION: Setting initial VCA Fader level?

Possible noob question:

When you create a VCA Fader it’s set to 0db.

Is there a way to set the initial value to -10db instead?

OR… is there a way to temporarily ‘turn off’ the linkage to other MixConsole faders so I can set the VCA Fader to -10db -without- affecting the levels for other channels?




The default level is always 0dB.

In Cubase, you cannot unlink it from all channels. Then the fader disappears. So the only one would be to link it to the fake fader (Channel), and then back to the channels you want to control.

But I’m sorry, why do you need to change the default Value?

So… I have 6 channels that already have loads of automation.

I create a VCA fader linked to those 6 channels. It appears at 0db. That means that if I want to do a dramatic crescendo, I can’t because the VCA Fader is already near the top of its range. What I would -prefer- would be to set the initial VCA level to -10db so that I had further upward travel. Starting at 0 limits the upward end of the crescendo.

Does that make sense what I want to do?


Yes it makes sense.

Since a VCA fader is really just a -bias- and not actually a ‘gain’, I fail to see why the initial level shouldn’t be selectable.

Or… there should be a way to temporarily disable the linkages so that one can ‘re-bias’ it to a lower level… thus giving one more upper limit.


In Nuendo it’s decoupled from the linking mechanism. There in Nuendo, you can just disable the VCA fader temporarily, move it down, then enable it back. Your request is done. In Cubase it’s really tricky and you have to use some “blind” track for it.

So is it possible in Cubase or not? If so, what’s the ‘trick’?




There is a workaround…

  1. Add an Audio Track.
  2. Link it to the same Linke, where the VCA is.
  3. Unlink all other (current) tracks from the VCA. Keep just the newely created one.
  4. Move the VCA fader down.
  5. Link all previous Audio tracks back to the VCA.
  6. Unlink and delete the created Audio track.

That’s a good idea, and sort of obvious now you’ve mentioned it.

Are those glasses some sort of Cubase control surface?


It’d be great to have this ‘decoupling’ on an Alt key combination or something like that. I’ve had this need once or twice too.

Its almost like the VCA fader should be initially set to the ‘average’ dB value of all the controlled faders not at 0dB. This would give good flexibility I think in terms of up and down travel.

Still, we are talking about an industry standard, as in something on every automated (e.g. SSL) desk, so I wonder what they do?