Question/Suggestion for Page Layout


Will the page layout (maybe print mode?) allow one to draw items on the sheet of music?

I do all kinds of playing and music work (large ensembles (concert), marching band stuff, drum line stuff, rock bands, country bands, etc.). So far, everything you have demonstrated via the Making Notes Blog will suffice for total music notation for large “organized” ensembles (aka - Music Readers) (as it seems so far - I do understand some features may not be present in the first release). However, when it comes to my Rock/Country band type stuff (performer), I tend to transcribe my music since I don’t have the memory I used to have. And I use a form of short hand to do so.

In thinking about how you talk about Flows in MOLA video… I had an idea…

This is how I write out my Rock/Country band charts. The numbers represent the number of bars I hear in the phrase. The words indicate the part of the song. As you can see, at the bottom, I write the various drum parts that occur during the song (separate flows, perhaps?).

I am wondering if Dorico, in the page layout or print mode, will allow one to draw and add text to the page? If not, might I make this suggestion for further down the road?


You’ll be able to create arbitrary text in text frames in Engrave mode if you need to. Producing this kind of chart that is basically just text with a few snippets of music notation will probably still be considerably quicker by hand than doing it in Dorico, though!

Thanks Daniel!! I appreciate the insight. I know it is VERY early (since none of the general population has used the software), but if there is a lack of basic drawing tools, maybe that is something that can be put on a list of suggestions for future versions? I can see many, many instances where a composer/arranger/etc., might want to draw on the score.

I echo the sentiments of what was stated under the “Release date” thread… I can’t wait to get my hands on this software!

I hope you guys are not super swamped with issues going into these final months.