QUESTION: Weird MIDI Controller Chase?

This is something that has bugged me for years, but it’s been so hard to pin down. I dunno if it’s a particular VSTi or Cubase or… what? But regardless, it’s the same thing:

I’ll have a MIDI event with CC1 data being twiddled.

The issue is that the modulation will play back in two different, -alternate- ways… The two manners are not entirely different, but rather they seem to play the same basic ‘moves’ but with a different offset.

IOW: play it through first time and the modulation will do -whatever- within a range of 0 to 10. Play it through the second time and the modulatiion will do the same pattern but within a range of, say 20 to 30… Think of a linear graph. It’s the same curve/function… but with a different starting ‘y’.

It’s always one of two versions. And again, they alternate.

The most reliable way to reproduce this is with Reaktor, but it’s happened with other VSTis. It’s been going on since at least C7.

What I usually do to muddle through is Export Audio (and now Render) a few times until the ‘correct’ version is rendered and then I don’t touch that track… which sucks. And the reason it sucks is that you never know which ‘version’ will render. It may always alternate versions during playback, but you can’t predict which ‘version’ will happen during an Export (or now Render).

Anyone else had this? Maybe there is something obvious I’m missing.