Questions about Cubase Interface Issue and Audio Performance Meter

  1. I am trying to better understand how Cubase 10 Pro is using computer resources. I occasionally get audio dropouts, but those are pretty rare as long as I turn off the wireless, pause Carbonite and OneDrive and generally don’t try to run anything except Cubase. What I have started seeing is what I’ll call “Interface Lag”. The audio is playing normally, but as you are playing back the recording the tracks just stop moving, the mouse doesn’t do anything, … I need to double check the next time it occurs, but I think it only impacts Cubase. If I have a different app up (Word, Task Manager, …) their interface doesn’t seem to be impacted. This happens on projects with 20 or so tracks of audio with minimal inserts and/or MIDI instruments as well as on simple tracks that only have one stereo audio track. When Interface Lag happens the CPU and GPU is running about 30% each. I have an NVIDIA Quadro M1200 graphics card as well as the built-in Intel HD Graphics 630 adapter. I regularly run some intensive mapping software with no issues, even in 3D mode. I also regularly see that software doesn’t appear to be correctly mapping the screen resolution. It thinks that the menu bar is at a much lower resolution. This doesn’t seem to be related to the lag issue and is generally resolved when I minimize and maximize the project window 2 or three times.

This just started fairly recently, about the time I upgraded to 10.5, but I can’t be sure of that caused it because I regularly update windows.

I have been busily reading forum threads and watching enough YouTube videos to go blind. There is a lot of information that helped me solved audio dropouts, but I am not seeing anything on the display issues I am seeing. I realize the every computer is different, so I am not expecting a quick fix, any thoughts would be helpful.

  1. Can someone explain or point me to something that describes exactly what the Audio Performance meter is measuring? I can’t seem to correlate it well with Task Manager performance meters. Does it only measure Cubase-related resource utilization or do other applications impact it also?