Questions about Cubase LE 10

So I have a voucher to upgrade from LE 9.5 to LE 10 for 10€. Is it worth it? What’s the difference? Main thing: Can I have more than 2 Audio tracks with ONLY the Cubase LE 10? (Cubase LE 9.5 only allows 2 audio tracks for recording) Are the differences worth it and big? Is it a good software comparable to others in simplicity, quality and production in general?

Main focus on using it is for guitar recording, in the future I’ll record bass and some drum/synth stuff with an Akai mini.

Thanks in advance for the advice guys! (I’m a really newbie begginner on this music production stuff so I won’t understand advanced stuff maybe)

Two tracks? I used Cubase LE 9.5 and I had more than two tracks in my projects.

16 tracks was the LE 9.5 limit, and 32 tracks was the AI 9.5 Limit.

You can only record 8 channels at one time, so you can’t track a drum kit well with Cubase LE. But for your purposes, you can record 8 channels at once, and then another 8 channels, for 16 audio channels in total with LE.

If you have a voucher surely it would be to get you to LE 10.5

Anyways, if you’re going to spend some money spend $99 and go up to Cubase Elements. That’s worth doing. 48 tracks. I have Pro but I almost never exceed 20 tracks in home studio song demo creation. The reason I love Pro is variaudio and other great stuff. If you plan to record vocals, get artist or pro.