questions about dspmixfx UR28M


I have few questions about dspmixfx for ur28m :

If I play an audio file with a music player on the PC (J river MC), the sound levels of the file played are set in the DAW zone of the mix1. Apparently, the software input can not be rooted in the mix2 or mix3. Is it correct ?

The Rev-X send button is always activated for one of the 3 mix. Apparently, it is not possible to desactivate this button for the 3 mix simultaneously ? Why ?

If I use the reverberation on the spdif inputs in the mix1 (Rex-X button on, Send button of the spdif channel zone turned on), the reverberation is applied also on the mix2 on the sdpif channels. The only manner to cancel it on the mix 2 is to set the Rev-X return button of the master zone on -infinity even if the Rev-X button is off ? I am a little surprised by these behaviours.

Something I do not understand about dspmixfx ? :blush:

Many thanks.

Sorry, for the first question, i find the answer : :blush: