Questions about Groove Agent

Hi, I’m considering purchasing GA4. I’m currently using a trial version of it. I have several questions regarding this VSTi:

  1. Is it possible to use GA One kits in GA4? Like “Anna Hop Kit” etc. I don’t see this kit (and some others which were available in GA One in earlier Cubase versions) in GA4 SE. I’ve got quite a few projects from earlier versions which use of those GA One kits.

  2. Is it possible to turn off round robin in Acoustic Agent? To my experience, round robin function often doesn’t sound appropriate.

  3. Is it possible to edit Acoustic Agent kits just like the other kits – I mean when you can see Main, Pitch, Filter, Amp tabs etc. for each pad?

  4. Does GA4 license cover GA3? I’d like to use GA3 maybe. (I’ve never had that software though.)

  5. In GA One, some kits had two versions, with and without letters “CD” in their name. Like “Standard Hybrid” and “Standard Hybrid CD”. What does that CD mean? :slight_smile: