Questions about Loop Recording in 10.5

Hello my friends:

So I set Punch In/Out points, activate the loop function and start recording multiple takes over the same region.
When I hit stop I observed a few things.

First, when ever I hit play, Cubase starts to record, the only way to prevent this is to deactivate the Punch In/Out points.
This is so annoying because I find my self recording by accident if I forget to turnoff the Punch In/Out points.

Next I cannot find a function which allows me to select what recorded take I want to bring into focus.
To do this I have to activate the Track Lanes and Select the Comp Tool.

Finally, when I do activate the Lanes I see that there is a duplicate for Take One as illustrated in the screen shot in this link: How do I prevent this?

Lastly, I noticed there is always an empty Lane, like lane 4 with no data, why is there always an additional empty Lane?


That’s how it works using punch points. Irritated me as well when it was implemented so I kept my usual workflow with just recording in cycle mode.

On the right bottom corner of the events (I think) there should be a little arrow allowing to choose from takes without the comp tool.

The duplicate isn’t a real duplicate, the upper lane just shows the selected take/comps. Three empty lane below allows moving takes vertically, there’s always one down there, that’s by design.

Thank you!
Do you know if there are short cuts to activate/deactivate the punch function?

There are, search in keycommands (don’t know the standard, even forgot my own as I never use them :wink: )

Thank you, I will check it out.