Questions about MIDI import in Dorico

Hi all,

a friend and colleague of mine had some questions about Dorico I was not able to answer, so I thought it might be a good idea to post them here:

I swear i did research a lot, but i cannot solve the following which would save a lot of time:

While importing midi from Logic:
The track matching (from midi → players in Dorico project) does not work properly.

  1. In my example screenshot below, it does not aline Flute3/bs/Picc to either → Alto Flute G or Piccolo.
    I don’t want to create a new instrument (which it decided to do by making the destination “Flute 3”.
    I just want to tell Dorico “Hey look, this [Midi] Flute 3 shall match to “[player in dorico] Piccolo 1”

But it is just greayed out and i cannot check it, do you know why this is not possible? is there a way to make it possible?

Until now i have to let it create flute 3, then go copy the content to flute Piccolo, then redelete the newly but unused player which Dorico created automatically.

Also, my french horns are called

[player in Dorico] Horn (F) 1

[midi from Logic] French Horn (F) 1

Dorico does NOT match it, hence forcing me to create 4 new “French Horn (F)” which i then have to copy over and redelete from the players…. very painful.

I don’t want to switch to Logic again to rename the instrument into something which Dorico then might (!) match correctly. Why? because opening Logic always crashes my Dorico!

Thanks for a hint!

As well, is there anything i can do to make the GUI of Dorico snappier and faster? Saving takes up to 12 seconds, just switching from part to score up to 2 seconds.

Thanks a lot in advance, all!

Thanks Boris!-)

As this menu is basically like the “session import” in protools , it would be great to have as well 100% freedom of choice for the destination [players in Dorico project] (as you have in the protools menu)

Hence we would have
1:match [midi from logic] to [player in Dorico project] automatically (by name or track memory)
2:match [midi from logic] to [player in Dorico project] manually → the user can select to which destination track the source shall match. This is what is not working totally for me, as many match [players in Dorico project] are greyed out on some instruments unfortunately and exactly the request: How can it be achieved to freely select whichever player in the right column [player in Dorico project], as most of them are disallowed (greyed out and not selectable)
3:make new track (exists in Dorico as a new player creation)


Hi all !

I have the same problem, is there a way to do it ?
The idea to find a way to match manually the midi source to dorico destination seems to be a good idea :blush:

Thanks !

What specific problem do you have that isn’t solved by the existing options for mapping tracks in MIDI files onto instruments in Dorico? Can you provide a few more details about exactly what you’re up against?

Thanks Daniel,

i just would like to have the option to tell Dorico that i want a source staff from MIDI to map to a destination staff in my dorico project.
For now when not lucky Dorico greys destination staves out and does not let me assign them manually.
In my example above i just want to map the Midi track FHorn 1 to my destination in my dorico project "Horn [F] 1 but it does not let me as greyed out and unselectable.

Maybe this will help?

Thanks a lot Nukkul,
i had watched this video already and unfortunately this does not resolve the matter.
Thanks anyways,

You (or by default) decided #13 should be a French Horn (F). You cannot move those notes to a Horn (F).
The players under “Players in Dorico project” are grey out, because they don’t hold the correct instrument. Here you only can assign a track to an existing identical instrument.
You can select a midi track and change the instrument in the track settings to whatever you want to. Just click the “pencil” (change instrument).

All explained in the subsection “Advanced editor options”

Thanks Nukkul.
In my case the midi source [French Horn (F)] is exactly the same instrument as the “player in dorico project” is holding (Horn (F)).

I had tried the pencil (change instrument) options for instruments which had been assigned to incorrect family/instrument, but even when changing, it would keep the destination “players in dorico project” greyed out and uncheckable.

So I guess it is just not possible? It would be good to have this possible in future versions, as it avoids a long workaround with creating new players and then moving content inside the score to then re-delete the not used newly created players… Specially as the GUI is specially laggy when moving players or deleting players in a project with many notes and several flows (it took me up to 20 seconds to move a player on a mbp16’'2019 and a M2 up to 12 seconds)
In the programm I used before, i could always assign a source midi instrument to whatever destination instrument in the score, which made life a lot easier.

thanks anyways,

You must be missing a step, David. Are you making sure that the Instrument(s) in track column is showing the appropriate instrument for every track? Is the Single/Section Player toggle set appropriately? Is the Re-use existing players option at the top of the dialog set correctly?

Daniel, here is a video, hope this makes my point clearer:
importing trombone midi to trombone dorico

You tell dorico to import this track as a “tenor trombone“. You can assign the music to all “tenor trombone“ in your score. You can’t assign it to a “trombone“ or a tenor sax or what ever.

Yes, it’s exactly as Nukkul says. While “Trombone” and “Tenor trombone” are of course the same instrument, they are independent instruments in Dorico terms, so if you have “Trombone” held by a player in your project, you need to choose “Trombone” and not “Tenor trombone” when setting the Instrument(s) in track in the MIDI import dialog.

This was just an example of me wanting to assign whatever source to whatever destination.

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No. This is you, telling Dorico the track should be a tenor trombone in Bb and wondering, that you can’t assign it to a flute, tenor sax or trombone (which is, for Dorico, a different instrument)

From the manual:

When you select an instrument in the Instruments in track list in the Track settings section, its current assigned player appears highlighted in the Players in Dorico project list.
You can assign instruments to other players by clicking an available player in the list. Only players of the same type and with the same instrument are available. For example, if multiple tracks represent different techniques played by the same instrument, you can assign them all to the same player.

What you want is possible, how it’s done was already explained here. Please read the manual again. Especially the advanced editor options